Eric & Joy

Hello Ms. Anita and Mr. Tim!
We just wanted to say hello and let you know that we are doing really well. We are still juicing in the mornings and doing barley max. We usually green smoothies on sat and sun morning. We each posted our before and after pictures on facebook and we received a great response! I wanted to share those pictures with you and let you know we have had a few inquiries lately about wholly alive retreat center. you may have noticed some extra traffic on your website. I don’t know if anyone has called yet. There have been 2 couples asking about it and seemed serious. Our pastors are gradually doing the diet now as well. We would love it if they would come up there. Anyway. Eric is 40 lbs. lighter, I am 30 lbs lighter since our cruise at the beginning of July. We are really enjoying trying new recipes as well. 
Miss you and hope you guys are doing well?
Happy Thanksgiving.
Oh PS!!! Eric and I have misplaced the southwest coleslaw recipe!! I know that you sent it to him and we have lost it. I am so sorry, can we please get that again. I think we must have been getting our massages the night it was given out.
Thank you.

James Martin

Dear Tim and Anita,

It is so good to hear from you. I love the fact that your ministry is still going strong.
I do not know, cannot remember, whether I’ve told you that my dear Lesta went to be with the Lord on January 29th of this year. I think I have a recollection I’m telling you but I’m not sure. Anyway your email jogged a happy memory and I just wanted it to communicate with you.
That was certainly a wonderful time she and I spent with you plus four years ago. You should know that she did not die of cancer. In fact her oncologist was very surprised because he said that her numbers were better than his. She stayed on a good diet to the very end and had no recurrence of the cancer. 
What happened was that we were in a Bible study together and she was sharing how about her love for her sister. Then she said that she had pain in her head and then she died. Fortunately there was somebody there who could do the emergency procedures and the ambulance folks were there within 10 minutes. But it was to no avail. They could not get her breathing or her heart to resume. I got to be with her by her side until the end. She was always so beautiful.
I miss her so much and I will always love her. I will always be grateful to God for giving her to me for 54 years. What a blessing she was to me and everyone else who knew her.
Our time with you was an important and enriching one. It really gave Lesta the courage and energy to carry through with the diet.
You are doing a good work. May God bless you always.
Love,. Jed

Eric & Joy

Hello Ms. Anita and Mr. Tim!

Just wanted to give you guys an update on how things are going since we got back to our regular lives. I just wanted to let you know first that we both had an amazing time!!! I still can’t believe I actually got to go and it was better that I ever thought. The food was amazing! and the classes are what really changed our minds on raw eating and I know especially Eric’s. 
We have been doing our barley max and juicing. We had to get jars, food processor, we ordred a re-made vitamix from the company it hasn’t gotten here yet. Our kitchen is super tiny so I set up a table in our living area to give us another work space when we juice. We spent most of  our first saturday (Click here to read entire testimony!)


Dear Anita and Tim,

I am deeply honored to have met and fellowship with you. Thank you Jesus for leading me to Hallelujah Acres. To Him all Glory!

I had an amazing encounter at Whole Foods yesterday. Ran into this lady I’ve known for years. Our daughters used to go to the same elementary school. Then they moved and changed schools. So I haven’t seen her in 2 years. She has a son with autism and 2 girls.

We were both so excited to see each other.  I told her I am now vegan and came back today from a life changing Christian vegan retreat. She started shaking and got so emotional that she could barely talk. I think the Holy Spirit touched her. And this lady is a psychologist at Children’s Hospital – very rational and I’ve never seen her like this. She said her husband and her had been contemplating going vegan years ago, but never did it. And they hadn’t talked about it in a while, but (Click here to read entire testimony!)

Millie T.  

Thanks so much for everything! The both of you are truly God’s chosen vessels for this ministry. The food, teachings and encouragement were all wonderful, but the devotional time was the best. It was amazing how you both included God’s Word in everything we did during our stay. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks Again!

Tori B.  

While here, I have experienced rest, peace, encouragement, knowledge, understanding and renewal of mind and heart. If there is heaven on earth, it would be in your sweet home. The meals were so amazing. Your sweet spirits and hospitality have been so very much appreciated. You both are wonderful examples in so many ways.

Krista W.

The program exceeded my expectations! Thank you again for your gift of hospitality and for sharing the life-saving knowledge with me. It’s wonderful to be able to apply these principles and experience dramatic healing. Thank you for going above and beyond to make my second stay unique, but equally wonderful! I’ll be back again! Sincere love and respect for all that you are doing to change lives!

Stacey H.

I am just so thankful for you two and for this opportunity! You helped me so much to get back on the right track! Especially enjoyed the devotions and felt God moving!

Lakisha F. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will definitely be back. Tim and Anita are God-sent and are absolutely energized. Just what I needed to get my life back on track.

Deborah D.

Hi Tim and Anita,

I am adhering to the diet change very well. I stick to the 85% raw/15% cooked and am doing well although I must admit that I have not made all the delicious dishes we experienced while we were with you both. I have made the potato salad recipe only, but plan to experiment more this weekend. Work has me bogged down already so I eat a lot of salads, steamed vegees and fruit. My stay at your lifestyle center has been life changing and I cannot wait to give a good report at the 30 day mark. Much love to you both and I will continue to pray for God’s blessing on your ministry.
Love in Christ

Jane and Jock Dyer

Just had to send you a picture of tonight’s dinner. Raw beet ravioli. Center is a cashew macadamia cheese with basil oil. We certainly miss you both and the wonderful week we spent with you. Hugs to you and Tim.

Krista Wilmhoff

Thank you for your loving hospitality. You guys go OVER the top to create a wonderful learning environment. Every guest was treated with respect and your genuine love for people and the program was evident in all that you do.

Janet Lee

Thanks Tim and Anita, Our time with you was life changing! I’ve told many I would recommend this over a Hawaii vacation. Thank you Thank you!

Tom and Cindy Benner

We are home safe, sound and much healthier, thanks to both of you. We enjoyed the Lake Lure excursion, then took our time getting home. Since being home, we have been able to continue the diet, finding some things at a farmer’s market, health food store and the grocery. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you. Thank you so much for your hospitality and sharing your home, your knowledge, kindness and hearts with all of us. We both feel very blessed.

Peace and Eli (from Togo) live in Maryland 
Hello Anita and Tim,
So happy to hear from you. We will be coming again. We miss your beautiful home, the mountain, the food and the daily walk. It was our best vacation ever. Thank you for everything. We love you.
Pam Lovett 
Hey Anita. Just thought you’d like to know, I could not dance well less than a year ago. Had almost given up but after coming up to your place… the new eating, the green juice and lost 20 lbs… I can now dance again!! �� wooowhoooo!! We ARE COMING back up…saving money now!
Kelly J. Johnson
Congratulations on 10 years! Thank you for the nice update. Keep them coming. When I was with you I looked with aw. The new lifestyle change has added so much to my life my family and many friends. A group of about 15 we are doing the health seminar for a local television station about 6 to 8000 people pass through. What a blessing your family has been to me. God bless you.

Sprague Exley 

Just want to say how much Jane & I enjoyed the 5+ days we spent with you and Tim. What a remarkable ministry the two of you have; jam-packed with life-saving knowledge on foods to eat. And, as I said, without the biblical foundation for the program it would still be a tremendous “seminar”, but with God’s teaching, it is literally “out of this world. You and Tim are two special people, and it’s apparent God is wonderfully using you. Jane and I thank God that you were there for us. May God give a special blessing on the two of you and your ministry. Amen!”

Philip and Libby Bell 

Hey Tim and Anita! Greetings from Libby and Philip Bell from Greenwood, S.C. Our cravings are getting fewer and fewer. Philip has lost about 20 pounds and I have lost about 35! (yippee!!!) We exercise almost every morning and drink our Barley Max and carrot juice regularly. We can’t thank you enough for teaching us a healthier lifestyle. We haven’t felt this good in over 20 years! We’ll keep in touch.

Warmly, Philip and Libby Bell

Rebecca Brisson

We in Fuquay Varina are doing great. Betty has no sign of cancer — that Stage 4 cancer went bye bye on the diet. Could not stand it. She looks great and feels great. Most people think she never had cancer. Thanks so very much for your work.

Paul Allred

I am doing fine. Have now lost 9 lbs and eat more than ever. Also, both Margaret and I have decided we like your recipes the best. Everything we have made has been wonderful. Margaret gave me a scale like you have and since doing the H Diet my weight and fat are going down; while my muscle, water, and bone are going up. Thanks again for everything and keep us on your list. We want to keep up with the latest, greatest from Wholly Alive!

David Sheppard

I have been juicing for about 18 months and it has cleared up a skin condition, reflux and my hair color is returning not to mention the overall good feeling associated with the process. I just turned 60 and thus far am on no medication. I am thankful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as well as being able to learn of this way of living.

Peggy Fincham

Denny and I thank you so much for the wonderful week at your home in Lake Lure. I have told everyone that will listen, it was worth so much more than the price we paid. All the activities, (and) the amazing teachings! We really didn’t have a spare moment. This was great. Any other vacation I was always so lonely for my grand kids. God had just who he wanted to be there for this, what I call “Seminar-Retreat” Every lady was unique and special in their own way. We are doing well with our Hallelujah Acres plan for better health and we walk every day and I am trying to rest more and stay away from Denny, whooops, I mean stress!!!!

Margaret Kidd

I am so excited about the H. lifestyle since spending the week with you one month ago! The Lake Lure week was a life changing week for Paul and myself as we saw firsthand how one could thrive and savor living foods and leave the SAD eaters in their tracks. One campus police officer told me this morning I looked 45! Now there is the direction I need to go!!!

June Macdonald

I’m happy to say that I am doing well and really enjoying the Hallelujah Diet. I want to thank you both for all you did to inspire us. It worked for me! One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in myself is that I am now repulsed when I see some of the restaurant commercials on TV, and even people’s plates going through the cafeteria line. They are so very unhealthy. I’m beginning to understand what you meant when you said that people couldn’t pay you enough to eat according to the way the majority of Americans eat. Again, thanks again for everything.

Faye Lambeth

For almost 6 years I had been suffering from pain in my stomach. This past year I had to quit my full time job because I was unable to walk long distances. After a few months at home my husband took me to the E.R. with severe pain. I was told that nothing was wrong. My husband got on line and started checking out places with alternative methods. Through prayer, we believe he was led to Hallelujah Acres in Lake Lure, N.C. After 4 days a miracle happened to me. I have had no more pain. I am sleeping through the night and am able to walk 3 miles a day – plus I have lost 47 pounds. My husband and I are faithfully following the Hallelujah Acres diet and lifestyle. We are able to share this message with our neighbors, church members and yes, even my doctors. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I now have been pain free for 7 months. Thank you Hallelujah Acres.”

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