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Transforming Experience

Transforming Experience

Ever thought about visiting a HEALTH RETREAT?

Thinking of getting away for a time of refreshing and change of scenery with an interest in health and wellness?

Want to enjoy delicious healthy food and even learn how to make some new awesome recipes?

Have I got a place for you! Wholly Alive! Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat in Lake Lure, North Carolina!

It’s a place where you can unwind, relax a bit, enjoy wonderful planned health-related educational and fun activities, breathe fresh clean mountain air, prepare and enjoy delicious vegan meals while overlooking the AMAZING Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. No, this is not a dream. It’s a reality just a phone call away!


Real Answers to Better Health

Real Answers to Better Health

Looking for a Health Retreat in North Carolina that will change your life? Eureka – you’ve struck gold! Wholly Alive! Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat in the breath-taking Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a game-changer in the Health Retreat arena. From Sunday evening to Friday lunch, you’ll enjoy delicious healthy meals, health-related information and hands-on teaching and preparation to have you living and enjoying the Hallelujah Diet Lifestyle. You’ll feel a world of difference by Friday and quite frankly, you may never want to leave!

There’s no time like the present to take better care of yourself and prevent illness. As the saying goes: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Unfortunately, the majority of people think about making better health choices after they’re hit with a serious illness. Prevention is always the ideal, but life is not always ideal and life happens and illness can show up for many reasons.

Fortunately, there are real answers (more…)

Seeking better health and quality of life?

Seeking better health and quality of life?

Do frequent or chronic illnesses get you down?

Are you drowning in the deluge of popular diet claims?

Are you taking one or more prescription or otc medications?

When you think of exercise, do you lie down until the thought passes?

Are you aware that your diet and lifestyle choices could right now be putting you at risk for developing one or more killer diseases? (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.)

OR (more…)

Vegan Bed & Breakfast in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Vegan Bed & Breakfast in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Looking for a healthy getaway vacation spot?

Wholly Alive! Bed & Breakfast is your destination for a DELICIOUSLY healthy, restful, and peaceful getaway in the gorgeous Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lake Lure, North Carolina!

Wholly Alive! B & B is not your ordinary vacation spot – it is extraordinary! The beautifully prepared, delicious vegan breakfast buffet will leave you feeling energized and truly nourished. Warning – you may never want to leave Wholly Alive! B & B! It’s destined to be YOUR FAVORITE GETAWAY! Check out the Wholly Alive! B & B MENU!