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Tim & Anita’s Five Tips For the New Year & Beyond
To Add Years and Cheers to Your Life:
1) BUILD GREAT SLEEP HABITS!      To insure you enjoy 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep, check out advice from  a trusted online source. For example, be sure your bedroom is dark, no red or blue lights from devices like TVs, phones, etc., that give off EMFs. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow (we love our ‘My Pillows’!) Keep the temperature cool (66 to 68 degrees is best). Some helpful sleep inducers are the quiet hum of an air purifier, lavender essential oil dabbed on the pillow, and magnesium taken before bed. Soothing low music auto set to turn off after a little time. The new “Whole Tones ” series is truly therapeutic!  Give whatever concerns you may have to your Creator, who will handle them for you much better than you can by yourself!
2)  START YOUR DAY EARLY!      Remember the early bird!  Thankfully, we’re vegan, so no worm worries, but the metaphor for  waking early and being ready to greet the day with a positive mindset helps make you the best you can be!

Get into an early morning routine , at least an hour before going to work or starting chores, that includes
10-15 minutes focused on communicating with God and reading His word; 10-15 minutes of stretching &/or  light exercise; and a “Hello New Day Toddy” ( cleanses your insides and builds your immune system!):
12-16 oz. pure warm water
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1/16 tsp. cayenne
1/4 tsp. turmeric powder
1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp., or to taste, OG honey
3)  BE A CONSCIOUS EATER!    Your diet plays an immense role in creating your health and well-being. After 14 years of living the Hallelujah Diet we are strongly on the bandwagon with plant-based food, lots of it raw and organic. We are definitely “foodies”, and the simple, as well as gourmet, vegan food we enjoy daily  has afforded us a high degree of health and energy! We don’t get sick, and we don’t take medication of any kind. We do add high-quality supplements to our daily diet to help us maintain the health and energy we need to host our busy retreat programs.  If you don’t already know how to maintain a healthy body consuming only delicious plant-based foods and supplements when necessary, make it a priority to learn how!  It will bring you unimaginable joy!
This takes awareness, time and effort, but studies have shown that people who do this enjoy the happiest and longest lives. It takes making time to answer those texts and  emails, send notes, make a phone call, invite someone to tea or lunch, etc., but staying  in touch and showing others they are important to you can bring great rewards.
5)  PURSUE HOBBIES and LEISURE ACTIVITIES!   Another life extender!  The list is huge and we can all find activities that tickle our fancy. Go outdoors and take a course on wild edibles, join a square-dancing group, sign up for an art or craft class, play a sport, read, and/ or DANCE!  Just a few of the many pursuits available.