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Hello Ms. Anita and Mr. Tim!

Just wanted to give you guys an update on how things are going since we got back to our regular lives. I just wanted to let you know first that we both had an amazing time!!! I still can’t believe I actually got to go and it was better that I ever thought. The food was amazing! and the classes are what really changed our minds on raw eating and I know especially Eric’s.
We have been doing our barley max and juicing. We had to get jars, food processor, we ordred a re-made vitamix from the company it hasn’t gotten here yet. Our kitchen is super tiny so I set up a table in our living area to give us another work space when we juice. We spent most of  our first saturday going to the health food stores which luckily are not far, and we found some staple items such as hermamore, veganise (soy free), nutritional yeast, agave, grapeseed oil. We had alot of fun. We are doing our recipes one day at a time, and taking that step by step because we are having to figure out what tastes good together and all that stuff. So far he is wanting to make all the meals! He must be scared on how I would do it. So I have been juicing. We found it’s a whole new lifestyle and it requires planning and thinking ahead, but it’s been great for us, it has given us something new to do together and we are really enjoying it! Also, we are both feeling amazing! For eating out we found a Ruby’ Tuesdays and Jason’s Deli so far.
Thanks again for your hospitality. The devotions were great and we decided to continue that in our home together, so that has been a great blessing and change as well.
We hope to keep in touch and we will give you more pictures as we continue to get healthier.
thank you for everything!
(the pictures are of our first meals, and our refrigerator, and juices which when I open them I mix them before serving)
We had an amazing pecan/romaine salad today with the raspberry dressing which was amazing. I forgot to take a picture because I was focused on eating it!
Tonight Eric is making enchiladas (in the cooked section in our book)
Eric and Joy