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Dear Anita and Tim,

I am deeply honored to have met and fellowship with you. Thank you Jesus for leading me to Hallelujah Acres. To Him all Glory!

I had an amazing encounter at Whole Foods yesterday. Ran into this lady I’ve known for years. Our daughters used to go to the same elementary school. Then they moved and changed schools. So I haven’t seen her in 2 years. She has a son with autism and 2 girls.

We were both so excited to see each other.  I told her I am now vegan and came back today from a life changing Christian vegan retreat. She started shaking and got so emotional that she could barely talk. I think the Holy Spirit touched her. And this lady is a psychologist at Children’s Hospital – very rational and I’ve never seen her like this. She said her husband and her had been contemplating going vegan years ago, but never did it. And they hadn’t talked about it in a while, but then just had the conversation 2 days ago. She said our conversation was no coincidence. And she had been wondering if it would help her son. They’re struggling with his condition. So we will be talking. I will give her your contact information. I told her they should go to the retreat.

Also, I had an amazing and beautiful conversation with my girls. They are totally on board and they just get it. We had the sweet peas and broccoli salad for dinner yesterday as our first Hallelujah diet meal together. They cleaned up their plates.

I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me as to how to speak to them. And the Holy Spirit took control. Their dad’s sister is a type 1 diabetic who got her toe amputated a few months ago. She’s always sick and the girls witnessed her collapsing and losing consciousness while I was at Hallelujah Acres. They thought she had died. They got really scared. She was rushed to the ER. They started telling me this as I explained that diabetes is caused by consuming animal protein and that God didn’t create us to eat meat. It cause all types of diseases especially here in the US because of horrible farming practices. And they totally got it. They said their Aunty Lisa never eats fresh fruits and veggies and only fried meats and lots of white rice all the time. And if she has veggies it’s very little and overcooked. The fear of diabetes was enough to make them say they never want chicken nuggets again. Wow! They don’t drink milk, but love yogurt. So I got the coconut yogurt. They loved it! Praise Jesus!

I thought it would be so hard to get them to understand why we would be making changes, but God in His infinite love had already prepared their heart to receive. They want to share this with everyone. They are so excited! I’m stunned! Yesterday was the first time they agreed to eat raw broccoli. I always steamed it first. It was amazing to watch them getting used to it and saying that it’s delicious.

We’ll sit down tomorrow after church and plan our meals for the week. We’ll do that every Sunday and I’m asking their input and ideas and we will follow the guidelines as best I can on my budget and with God’s help. I’m keeping it simple. No stress no pressure. One day at a time. My 6 years old suggested we try her own recipe of raw veggie kabobs. Lol!

I haven’t juiced yet. I don’t have a juicer, but will get one shortly. One day at a time. And they both had a couple of raw almonds for the first time ever. No allergic reaction at all. I told them we walk by faith and not by fear. And I apologized to them for letting fear guide me in avoiding all nuts for them when they had been tested for all, but only were allergic to one: hazelnuts. I’m doing this gradually. So definitely, they can have almonds, almond milk, almond butter, etc.

Isn’t God good! Praise Him! I’m so humbled. THANK YOU!!!!! I love you with the love of Christ.

Victoria insisted I send you this picture this morning. She cut the fruits herself and was so proud.

Lunch was brown rice spaghetti with lightly steamed chunks of sweet potatoes, tossed with lots of raw spinach and raw yellow and red peppers, onions. And a little organic salsa. It was delicious. I sautéed the onions a little with coconut oil and mixed everything together. They loved it.